It is our great privilege to acquaint you with our company, Newstart Planetary Gear Boxes Co.,Ltd. . As a pioneer of high precision planetary gearbox manufacturer, we put emphasis on designing and manufacturing economical gearheards for servo/stepper motors for over 20 years, widely used in CNC router/plasma/Laser machines, as well as other automatic machines in dealing with food processing, auto packaging, solar and wind power transmission etc.


Our facility includes high-end precision machining centre, turning center. and automatic NC hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, gear grinding machine. All of our gears are processed by Vacuum ion nitriding technology, and we boast our own assembling lines. Each parts of the products are designed well as completely modular structured: low noise, high precision, big torque and long life.

Technical strength

It has a large number of imported machining centers, turning centers, automatic CNC hobbing machines, gear shapers, gear grinding machines, vacuum ion nitriding technology and advanced assembly lines

Corporate culture

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective high-speed reducer for Chinese mainland customers and the fast and fast way.

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